Simple Closing Flag Ceremony for Cub Scouts

Closing Flag CeremonyThe leader can be a member of the den (preferred), a Den Chief, or an adult leader.

Leader: “Color Guard, Advance”

The Color Guard goes to the front of the room and stands next to the flags, with the same number at each flag.

Leader: “Color Guard, Retrieve the Colors. Scout Salute”

The Color Guard removes the flags from their stands and proceeds out of the room double-file as shown in the diagram. Those in uniform do a hand salute. Everyone else places their hand on their heart.

Leader: “TWO. Color Guard dismissed.”

Everyone stops saluting.


  • The US flag should always be on the right side of the procession and should never be behind the other flags.
  • It is appropriate to salute any time the US flag passes and until it is out of sight.

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